843 – Krishna Meditation

O Krishna! May the royal swan of my mind enter today itself into the nest (safe place) of Your lotus feet. How can one otherwise be sure of remembering You later when one’s pranas are leaving the body (one is in the throes of death) with phlegm, wind, and bile blocking one’s throat (making breathing itself difficult)?

On Hari alone I meditate constantly, on Him who has a soft smile on his lotus face, who is the son of a cowherd Nanda, who is higher than the highest and who is adored by sages like Narada.

Tired of roaming in the desert of worldly existence, I find now this beautiful lake named Hari. Taking a refreshing bath in it, drinking its water which is his radiant compassion, I give up all my sorrow today! This lake Hari has his lovely hands and feet as the lotuses, His charming eyes as the fish in it, His attractive arms as the rising waves in it, and relieving us of all our exhaustion, it has indeed great depth.

Extracted from Mukundmala. Continue reading

502 – Bolt and Pin

Bolt your doors, remember the pin (code, key) and you will be safe. We have pins and passwords for all our activities. Without the pin we cannot function. There are hackers, who can hack into our accounts. We are afraid that we can have our password broken and it would wreak havoc in our lives. Continue reading

Intuition of Reality – Vedanta Talk 11 by Ira Schepetin

2 ways to get vairāgya: 1. seeing the defects of happiness from objects (it has a beginning and an end) 2. understanding that objects are not real. Bhagavad Gītā ch. 13, 7-11. Spiritual sadhana: developping qualities. Humility is knowledge because it leads to knowledge. Cultivate the qualities through effort. Only if a person has these qualities
direct knowledge can arise. Bhagavad Gītā ch. 13, 12. If you negate everything existing and non existing the self remains. There is no other way to teach the self except by
negation: neti neti. Is vers 13, 12 a contradiction? That which is devoid of all duality is described by adhyaropa and apavāda,” i.e., by superimposition and negation, by
attribution and denial. Intuition of the self. After negation of objects, even the mind, the self stands self revealed.

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