516 – Restoring the universe to its pristine self

The universe is composed of five tattvas (elements): Prithvi (earth), Jala (water), Agni (fire), Vayu (air) and Aakash (ether). We are also composed of these five elements. However, what is happening is that there is corruption which is entering humanity.

Dear ones, please do not think that I am lecturing you. I only want to bring to your attention what is happening to the elements within us and on the earth.

Mother Earth is being destroyed. There are forest fires, water scarcities, animal life is being exterminated. The forests which were once a refuge are being exploited, made into deserts. No rules are followed for growing crops. The result is that the soil is becoming infertile and barren.

Water is rapidly depleting. Once upon a time we took it for granted. Now the oceans and rivers have dead fish because of the plastic nets and refuse thrown. The corals are dying. The ice is melting rapidly, and the mountain fed rivers may become dry. There is contamination of the water.

Fire is creative and destructive. Fire is essential for survival. We all need fire for our development and fuel for growth. Fires in the physical sense are on a rampage. There are fires almost every day in some part of the earth and they are becoming harder and harder to put out.

Air is our lifeline. However, the air around is becoming more and more polluted, and it is affecting our health and the atmosphere.

Aakash is the ether element, and it is composed of earth, water, fire and air. It is also the distillation factor. It is the essence of emptiness and of purification. Ether is without the solidity of earth, the coolness of water, the heat of fire and the movement of air.

Care about each other

We can change ourselves as the universe is influenced by our actions. Self-atonement is essential and this is possible by cleansing our thoughts, grounding ourselves and working on the earth element. Cleansing of our thoughts is the way for purifying the water element. Water is unstable and by quietening our mind, we restore stability in our lives. The fire element is our ego and by working on it, we reduce our I-ness, and it becomes inclusive. Air works on us and restores balance in our feelings and emotions. Air is also always moving. Ether works on us once we have become centered and care about each other, unconditionally.

When we learn to live in harmony with ourselves, we restore the universe to its pristine self and treat earth with respect and consideration.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash

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