526 – Kali’s gift of Atma shakti to all women

Today it’s International Women’s Day. #EmbraceEquity

Fearlessness the greatest gift bestowed to all women by Kali. As females we are told from the time of our birth to take care of ourselves and to look after others. However, what we must try to be is to be brave and fear free. Kali empowers us to develop Atma shakti.

Kali signals with her upper right hand, the palm held outward, “Be not afraid,” the mudra proclaims. We have to understand how to dispel our fear? Kali’s upper left hand wields the bloodied sword of knowledge. This image represents the power of discernment—the ability to separate what is transitory and fleeting from what is real and lasting. This power cuts through the veil of Maya (illusion) and reveals things as they really are.

One has to use this sword to cut away mental clutter, focusing one’s attention on that which will liberate one, the vidya (knowledge) of all pervading oneness. In her lower left hand, the mother dangles the freshly severed head of a demon. This represents the limiting sense of ignorance that she destroys.

Taken together, Kali’s four hands say,

Take refuge in me, let go of your fear, let me slay your illusion of smallness and separation, and you will merge into my infinite bliss.

Kali’s blessings are for all who are seekers of truth. However, since it is International Women’s’ Day on the 8th of March, it is addressed to all girls, daughters, sisters and mothers. Fear is what hurts and harms one. It is ignorance of one’s own nature that nurtures fear. Once one is fearless, then one is free and enabled to become powerful to follow the path of love and compassion.

Kali Meditation

Repeat Klim three times loudly.
Light the wick in a brass lamp. Use sesame oil, coconut oil or mustard oil.
Gaze at the flame and when you find that you wish to close your eyes do so.
Visualize Kali and see what arises. Ask yourself what is it that you want? What fears are you suppressing? Do not engage with your desires or fears. Again, gaze at the flame. Repeat the process of visualizing Kali.
Chant Klim and end the practice.

Prasad: make khichri and khir. Kali loves both dishes.



Take one cup rice, half cup red lentils (masoor dal), soak for about ten minutes in four cups water.

Heat a wok with oil, according to your preference. Two table spoons are fine, adding more makes it tastier. When the oil is hot, add a pinch of asafetida, a teaspoon of cumin seeds, let them splutter, add the mixed rice and lentils with the water and one teaspoon ginger. Add turmeric to give it a yellow color. Salt according to taste. Vegetables like peas, carrots, cauliflower and potatoes chopped fine can also be added after the khichri is half cooked. Let it cook on a slow fire, until it is soft and the water is absorbed. Add some black raisins or currants. Offer a small spoon to the Goddess.

Eat with tomato chutney. Take one cup chopped tomatoes, half cup brown sugar, pinch of black cumin (nigella), and black mustard seed. Half cup water. Pinch of salt. Cook until tomatoes soft and sugar dissolved. Add raisins. The consistency is a runny jam.


One liter milk of any kind. Almond is the best. Two tablespoon semolina or rice coarsely ground. Sugar according to taste, cinnamon, nutmeg or cardamom powder powder added last. When the milk becomes thick, turn it off. You can add some threads of saffron. Offer to Goddess and then enjoy either cold or hot.

Aim Hrim Klim


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