834 – Saraswati Puja

Saraswati is the Goddess of knowledge, fine arts and education. Before Saraswati Puja starts, students keep their books and instruments in front of her for blessings. They are not supposed to touch their books as they are kept at the altar. As children, we loved this idea as we would not be able to do our homework. It is believed that if one prays to her with dedication and devotion, one will be blessed with academic success. Also, one becomes Sattvic and all tamasic habits are shed. Continue reading

526 – Kali’s gift of Atma shakti to all women

Today it’s International Women’s Day. #EmbraceEquity

Fearlessness the greatest gift bestowed to all women by Kali. As females we are told from the time of our birth to take care of ourselves and to look after others. However, what we must try to be is to be brave and fear free. Kali empowers us to develop Atma shakti. Continue reading