539 – Words – sacred sounds

The power of the word lasts forever. It cannot fade away. I read that when we say something hurtful to someone intentionally, it never leaves the ether. Words are made of prana as we utter them by using our prana. They themselves have the energy and power which can heal, help, hurt, harm or hinder, humiliate and humble.

Notice that we can only speak when we exhale and the sound of our exhalation is Ham, Ha. All these words which I have written start with H. Our mantras are sacred sounds and they have the power to heal and help us. They are a certain utterance or a syllable. They are reverberations of energy and are different levels of vibrations.

Process of Mantra:

First fix your mind on the nose tip. This is important because when the eyeballs move, the rhythm of the brain is affected and shadows move—the level of consciousness does not become steady. For that reason, the eyes have to become steady. In order to accomplish this, the nose tip is chosen. The nose tip is directly connected with the perineum, which is the seat of the mooladhara chakra.

Concentration on the nose tip, leads to impulses moving to the perineum. After a while, become aware of the breath, the natural breath which moves at the speed of fifteen rounds per minute. Be aware of the breath flowing through both nostrils. Coordinate your mantra So Ham with the inhalation and exhalation. What is happening. Your thoughts are coming up and expressing themselves. Your mind is going wild. You have to face these thoughts. Confront these mad suppressed feelings. They are being evacuated.

You are letting your mind loose without restrictions. But no engagement with these emotions and feelings. You are exercising no control. It is a free flow of your thoughts. Finally, you come to spontaneous awareness, where your breath is synchronized with your mantra. You have accepted your mind and are now walking and living in the flow of your life.

Adapted from Swami Satyananda Saraswati’s discourse in 1979, in Dublin.

Aim Hrim Klim

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