559 – Meditation on Food and Drink

How is it possible to meditate on food and drink? When one thinks of the amount of time one spends on the planning, purchasing and cooking of it, it’s a great deal of energy. It is important for us to do so as our body and mind need fuel. This fuel has to be healthy and pure, and one should think of one’s body as a temple.

It is essential not to be resentful of the food. Many of us are cross because we have to cook in order to eat or we just go and buy some ready to eat food.

It is possible to treat our food and drink as a meditation. One goes to the market and selects what one has to buy with involvement and not as what is cheapest or most expensive. One can look at the colors and touch the fruits and vegetables. It is a joy to look around one. One can smile also while choosing at the seller and admiring the perfection. One can associate the colors of the chakras with the produce. One can have memories of the different ways the vegetables and fruit can be cooked.

Sharing food is joyful

When one reaches home then one can sort out what has been purchased. Then selecting what to cook and enjoying the process. It is also possible to light an incense stick or a candle in the kitchen before cooking. One can attempt to immerse in the process of preparation of the food. Then sharing the food with one’s loved ones, is a joyful activity.

In Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, this meditation technique of enjoyment of food and drink is described. In this sadhana, one goes deeply into the meditation of the food or drink one has enjoyed. It is complete involvement, and one concentrates on the taste, smell, color, visual or sound. This Dharana or concentration practice focuses on the one aspect. Once one comes out of it, one is revived and fresh.

In Tantra, every activity we perform is sacred.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Alexandr Podvalny on Unsplash

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