558 – The dust of the feet

To fulfil our dreams. A visualization of Maha Shakti.

Close your eyes. Sit straight. Chant Aim Hrim Klim three times. Breathe in and out of your left nostril and then breathe in and out of the right nostril. You are clearing the Ida and Pingala nadis. Now breathe in and out of both nostrils so that the Sushumna can flow. Be still.

Visualize the dust of the feet of the Goddess. Look upon it as your island of shelter. You are in a place where the radiant sun is dawning. The spiritual revelation is driving your ignorance away. The darkness of ignorance is dispelled.

Now see the dust of her feet become clusters of fragrant flowers from which the nectar of awareness gushes. We are all dull and stupid and the curtain of stupidity is lifted and we can see ourselves free of desires.

Those of us who are poor, are gifted a necklace of gems which grants every wish. We are not even aware of what we want.

Those immersed in samsaras, the cycle of birth and death, are freed. The veil of Maya is uplifted.

Mind and awareness are both Shakti’s aspects. The dust of her feet frees us from the shackles of unending pain and pleasure.

Chant Aim Hrim Klim 3 times.

Aim Hrim Klim


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