566 – Chant with your heart – part 5

Spinal passage rotation with kundalini visualization and Soham.

Be relaxed mentally and physically. Practice deep rhythmic breathing. Become aware of the spinal passage and take the ingoing breath from ajna chakra at the top of the spinal passage down to mooladhara chakra at the base. As the breath moves down the spinal passage, try to feel it piercing each chakra in turn, but do not try to name them or stop at any one.

Now retain your consciousness at mooladhara chakra for a few seconds, while holding the breath. Visualize the red inverted triangle and within it the kundalini. Meditate on the kundalini for a few seconds, then exhale from mooladhara back up to ajna, passing through each chakra junction.

Add Soham now. While inhaling take the vibrations of So from ajna chakra down to mooladhara, passing through each chakra in turn. At mooladhara retain the breath and consciousness for a few seconds and meditate on the kundalini. Then exhale with the mental vibrations of Ham back up through the spinal passage from mooladhara to ajna. After exhaling with Ham, pause for a few seconds at ajna. Total awareness of self.

To sum up, with the ingoing breath and the vibrations of So, you descend the spinal passage. At mooladhara you retain the breath consciousness and focus on kundalini for a few seconds. Then while exhaling with the vibrations of Ham, you ascend the spinal passage. After exhalation you pause at ajna and practice simple self–awareness. In this stage you rotate the breath and consciousness in the descending and ascending passage of the spinal column with the vibrations of So and Ham. Practice 54 rounds.

In this sadhana if successfully done, you will get peace, serenity, good dreams and a change in mental outlook. It is said that the person whose kundalini awakens gets peace first and knowledge next.

Source: Swami Satyananda Saraswati.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Katerina May on Unsplash

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