584 – Prayer on Mother’s Day

Cry to your Mother Syama with a real cry, O mind!
And how can she hold herself from you?
How can Syama stay away?
How can your mother, Kali hold herself away?
O mind if you are in earnest, bring her an offering
Of bel-leaves and hibiscus flowers;
Lay at her feet your offering
And with it mingle the fragrant sandal-paste of Love. – Ramakrishna Parmahamsa

Mother’s Day is upon us. Recall the sacrifices she made for us. Her love and selfless service to her children. From your memory bank reflect on a memory and relive the happiness you experienced with your mother. She is our first Guru. The word ‘Maa’ comprises the Hindi consonant ‘Ma’ and ‘aa’. This consonant pertains to the heart which evokes the emotions of love, joy and happiness, while the vowels relate to ‘Ananda shakti’ or the power of bliss. Mother Goddess resides in our heart.

It is not an accident that one’s mother is the source of bliss, love and confidence. Durga Mata is the essence of ‘Icha shakti’ (power of will). Lakshmi Mata is essence of ‘Gyan shakti’ (power of knowledge), and Saraswati Mata is ‘Kriya shakti’ (power of activity). Even before a child is born, the mother’s impressions affect the fetus. There are numerous references in the scriptures that prove the unique and effective role of the mother.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash

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