601 – My heart

I am searching for a heart inside me
That’s ebullient by swallowing the entire pain of creation
That’s jubilant by accepting the entire tears of the world
That’s effervescent and clean
May I be able to share with all a heart
Like the earth and sky
Never exhausted by giving. – Nepalese poet Suman Pokherel

Heart endures when eye does not see. – Turkish Proverb

Meditate on the lotus of your heart. In the center is the untainted; the exquisitely pure, clear and sorrowless; the inconceivable; the unmanifest, of infinite form; blissful, tranquil, immortal; the womb of Brahma. – Kaivalyopanishad

In Sanskrit, the heart is defined as bhava, feeling or sentiment. It is not guided by the intellect or mind. It is natural and spontaneous. When the heart is guided by the mind, then there is constant change in behavior. The outcome is that as long as intellect guides the heart there is emotional and psychological struggles.

The heart’s beauty is hidden, and the feelings are controlled by the mind. When one sees the Guru as a giver then it is the mind controlling one. The heart enables one to discriminate and therefore when one sees one’s Guru or God, there is bliss in one’s heart for experiencing a connection. It is unconditional love. This is when one becomes a true Yogi and knows the difference between the heart and intellect.

It is also said that the head should rule the heart, which means that cold, calculating logic must be exercised. However, if one’s mind is uninfluenced by one’s thoughts then it is possible to be calm and empathetic. Since the thoughts are not determining one’s actions one can proceed in a harmonious manner with equipoise.

The heart is pure and goes with the flow. One has to change the flow, which happens with practicing breath awareness. Visualizing the breath while inhaling and exhaling and pausing in between inhalation and after exhalation. This also leads to management of the gunas as one becomes self-aware.

Aim Hrim Klim


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