634 – I wish I knew this when I was 30

My dear ones, understanding comes only when one is ready for it. One can do everything and still find that one is unaware. It is remarkable to observe how one is totally unobservant about oneself and one goes on treading the path, thinking that one is so special, one knows it all.

Yesterday someone said to me that one found pure and innocent people only in India. I was aghast as I have come across such good people everywhere in my travels and they are totally unaware of their humaneness.

It is as if when we seek good people we do not know where to look. They are everywhere, and they are like the musk deer, which does not where the fragrance is coming from, when it is emanating from it. Kindness, compassion and love are the signs.

Again, when we try to become better humans, we are wanting something. It has to be a part of our nature and it has to be without expectation. Astrologers tell one that one should perform prayers, placate the planets, and feed black dogs, crows and poor people. These are remedies (Upayas). They then stipulate what has to be given to them. Certain grains and special foods. Dogs are to be given milk. The days when this is performed, nobody wants it. It is excess. Dogs especially look sick as they are given so much milk. I asked why one should do it and then one is taking on the karma of making a dog ill.

Incidentally I have always had black dogs (dachshunds), I have had no answers. I guess it makes one feel better and gives one hope. I have seen people, who have had their adult children die of AIDS, and they have turned to helping others to cope with the illness. I have worked in this area and it is a revelation, how persons volunteer to enable families. Swami Sivananda and his disciples took care of the starving sannyasins and sick people on the ghats of the Ganga. Many old and sick Hindus live on the banks of the Ganga and they go to die there.

One wants to be blessed with grace. It comes with performing karma yoga unconditionally. When one is awakened to God being everywhere and within us, our transformation takes place.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Camylla Battani on Unsplash

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