919 – How should we venerate the Planet?

Our veneration of the planet will lead to Dharma. The practice of Dharma (righteousness) will enable us to save Prithvi (mother earth) and ourselves.

There are four important acts that we must make a part of our daily life. Ahimsa, compassion, maintaining the ecological environment and being aware of the presence of the Divinity. Continue reading

758 – Hindu prayers

How do we look at the sun? When one wakes up in the morning, folding one’s hands with the eyes closed, facing the Sun is a powerful prayer. Next with eyes closed, rubbing the palms of the hands together and placing the warm palms on the eyes. It is a powerful practice. Everyone loves the sun and it is only in Hindu dharma, that the sun is described as the soul of the whole universe; sun is the source of for all living things. Continue reading

411 – Paternal love

I have searched for stories on paternal love and it has been very difficult finding a suitable one. Fathers are pictured as violent, and stern. Children are terrified of them if they do wrong. This is not true, though it is a man’s world, men are gentle beings and all men are not abusive and vitriolic. Mahatma Gandhi has written about his father and it is a beautiful lesson and story for all of us. Continue reading

251 – What kind of lifestyle am I seeking?

  1. Non-violence, the practice of ahimsa will lead to a flow of compassion in us.
  2. Truthfulness, the virtue of Satya will lead to love of mankind.
  3. Non-possessiveness, the quality of aparigraha will create a sense of innocence and simplicity.
  4. Atmabhava, love of our fellow humans without prejudice.
  5. Love, serve, give.

Continue reading