671 – Vama Marga

The sadhana of Left Hand Tantra.

What is the definition of Vama Marga and why do we talk about it in whispers. The science of Tantra has two main branches, which are known as Vama marga and Dakshina marga. Vama marga is the left path which combines sexual life with yoga practices in order to explode the dormant energy centers. Dakshina marga is the path of yoga practices without cohabitation.

Earlier the right path advocated abstinence, but now the barriers do not exist anymore. People are seeking the Vama marga, which utilizes sexual energy for spiritual development. According to tantra, sexual life has a three-fold purpose. Some practice it for procreation, others for pleasure, but the tantric yogi practices it for samadhi. S/He does not hold any negative views about the practice. S/He considers it as a part of her/his sadhana. It has to be nurtured and it should not get lost.

The silent centers of the brain are awakened and start to function all the time. The belief is that the sadhana of Vama Marga awakens the kundalini and this is possible through the interaction between man and woman. When man and woman have sexual intercourse, they unite and come out of their position of polarity. There is a fusion, and an explosion occurs. This is the moment of revelation, and the basis of tantric initiation.

Women are more gifted

The elements that are brought together in this process are Shiva and Shakti. Shiva represents Purusha and Shakti represents prakriti. When sexual union is performed in the correct way, it has a very positive influence on the development of spiritual awareness. In Vama Tantra, the man looks upon the woman as Devi. According to Tantric beliefs women are more gifted with spiritual qualities.

According to Dakshina marga, the path of Vama Marga can only be followed after intense sadhana of Yoga, which leads to spiritual awareness. Vama marga is not a hedonistic practice. It is meant for persons who are in a serious relationship. The goal of every Tantric practice is spiritual elevation and when one becomes aware then one can be blessed with a joyous, conjugal life.

Resource: Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Zinal, September 1980.

Aim Hrim Klim


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