836 – Masculinity and Femineity

We believe that in the creation of the universe, God revealed two aspects of himself, Male and Female. The male was considered Purush, wisdom and space. Female was Prakriti, nature. Neither could survive without the other. Space is everywhere and wisdom is hidden in it. However, there is no creation. The creation occurs with Father Purush and Mother Prakriti or Shakti. Both Purush and Prakriti unite within us and in the cosmos for the wonderful universes. Continue reading

671 – Vama Marga

The sadhana of Left Hand Tantra.

What is the definition of Vama Marga and why do we talk about it in whispers. The science of Tantra has two main branches, which are known as Vama marga and Dakshina marga. Vama marga is the left path which combines sexual life with yoga practices in order to explode the dormant energy centers. Dakshina marga is the path of yoga practices without cohabitation. Continue reading