679 – Spontaneous meditation

There was once a sannyasin, called Swami Yogeshwar Ananda, who had travelled to all the centers of meditation in India. Last he came to the Sivananda ashram in Rishikesh. He observed the inmates at work and there was never any time for meditation. The sannyasins were working all the time and were joyous in their tasks. After observing the inmates at work for a week, Swami Yogeshwar Ananda went to Swami Sivananda with folded hands and after touching his feet said, “I would like to spend more time with you, but there is no time for sadhana.”

This is a complete misunderstanding as aspirants believe that they have to stop their daily work and spend time in meditation. Karma and Yoga are Brothers/Sisters, and when they are combined, they form a perfect partnership. For ordinary persons, work is an essential part of daily life. Karma is performing of daily duties and responsibilities.

Awareness, and mindfulness are the keys for Spontaneous Meditation. Mindfulness has been used first by Swami Sivananda and he describes actions and deeds have to be performed with total attention. When this happens, the task becomes a flowing meditation. The quality of the work is better and one is centered. Then one becomes a spectator, that is watching oneself. Take a test, if you are scowling and grimacing, look into the mirror and when you see your reflection, you will be shocked. Now change your expression and attitude and after a while gaze in the mirror. Now you see an unlined and serene face.

Which is better?

Being detached will also reduce one’s expenses on beauty creams. Our mind and body have difficulty not to be engaged and their demand is to be active. What makes our mind and body busy, our ever-present thoughts. So, one concentrates on the task and becomes an observer. Concentration becomes a spontaneous process. This results in no loss of prana or energy as the thoughts are not discussing with one about the job. There is no tiredness. The Bhagawad Gita says that Yoga is complete efficiency in action. One becomes conscientious and has no resentment about the work. This the spontaneous and daily meditation and it enables one to accept life as it is.

Takeaway do not engage with your thoughts. Perform tasks with neutral well-being. A smile makes one feel good and a frown makes one ready to fight. Be aware of your breath and chant a mantra.

Aim Hrim Klim


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