693 – Pots and pans

Who does not love pots and pans? Many of us collect them as treasures and do not use them. They shine with their copper bottoms, glowing, red mud pots. The blacksmith and potter have crafted them so that the food is delicious and eaten with love.

There are so many shapes and each one has a reason to be of that shape. Take the wok, in South Asia, it is treated with respect. Why? Because it is an open concave and whatever we put into it, it cooks faster, and we can toss the ingredients. One it requires less oil and the water in the items evaporates easily. The wok can be used for many vegetables. Keeping it covered, the water which forms on the lid goes back to the vegetable. The vegetable can have a little sauce or be crisp. All in all, hey presto. Oh yes, one can make sweets also in the wok.

The next one is the pot. However, a high pot is wonderful for a slow simmer. The pot also needs a lid for the same reasons. Cooking the favorite of the Mother Goddess, khichri, it is the best. The flavor of the lentils and vegetables is redolent. Last the griddle for making delicious breads.

Oh, dear ones, treat your pots with affection. They are the glue which keeps the family together. Remember the way to your loved one’s heart is through the stomach. I am intentionally not saying who is the loved one is. All genders are cooking. No generalizations.

How content one is after partaking of food which is fragrant and pleasing to the eyes. This contentment makes one balanced and in harmony with oneself and others.

May the entire act of cooking, serving and eating be transformed into – sadhana leading us towards Brahman, the highest goal of life. Through this offering may the universal consciousness that pervades and permeates the individual consciousness be worshipped and satisfied. Om, peace, peace, peace.

Aim Hrim Klim


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