714 – Be thankful

Dear ones, be thankful for what we are, what we have and what we can give. I came home after my surgery on Sunday, which was the beginning of Navratri. It is a joyous time as before that we had been observing Pitrapaksh. Seeking forgiveness for our ancestors. Before leaving the hospital, I was able to play my chants in my room.

I went to the hospital on Wednesday and on Friday the 13th and I was not aware that it was the dreaded date, I had my surgery. I had goblins (ganas) dancing inside my chest. It felt like that. I was not terrified; my prana was there for me.

Who are Ganas, they are Shiva’s companions. Be not afraid they are wild, drunken ugly goblins. They dance and use kettle drums which make a great deal of noise. Ganas are considered Shiva’s friends. They were the ones, who were always around him. Sometime over 15 million years ago Shiva arrived at Mansarover, which is a lake in Tibet. It is considered the crucible of civilization. It is almost 15,000 feet (4.600 m) above sea level, and it was actually an ocean, which has moved up and become a lake. The ganas never spoke in any of the human languages, when they chattered, it was a cacophony of sounds.

Shiva communicated with them in a language which only they could mutter. It is also said that the head of Ganapati was taken from one of the Ganas and he is called Lord of the Ganas. The ganas had limbs without bones, which meant an elephant trunk, so ancient artists made it look like a trunk. So why did Shiva have them as his friends? They screened the good from the wicked, so the Ganas only made the evil tremble and be petrified. The true devotees did not fear them. They attended Shiva and Parvati’s wedding, much to Himavan’s exasperation. Himavan was guardian deity of the Himalayas. It is also said that hobgoblins and ghosts were created by Brahma upon Shiva’s instructions.

Treat each moment as precious

Well, how does it connect to me. I have always loved fairy tales. Therefore, I thought of those little folks. I was in extreme pain but I knew that it was not a heart attack and by that time I could not breath. My concentration was on the breath but I had none and yet I could gasp and weep. Now I understand that it was my prana, which took charge. I was not afraid and then it was identified as an acute gall bladder problem. My lovely husband was alone and unnerved as my blood pressure had gone down to 70/40. I was given oxygen, which was like having prana flush your face. I underwent the surgery and again I realized that my dear ones treat each part of your body with respect. Remember we have acquired this body after 84 million births and we can differentiate between tamas, rajas and sattva guna. Therefore, we must treat each moment as precious.

Why are we engaged in killing innocents everywhere. We have fallen into a Tamasic fugue. Now is the time we can seek blessings and rise from Tamas to Sattva. The Goddess’s triumph is a metaphor for the light to pervade the universe and the ultimate conquest of righteousness over malevolence.

Sincerely chant a mantra and you will have a spiritual connection, faster than WhatsApp with Ma. Om Dum Durgaya Namah. Meaning, Bless me with your protection and love. Another translation is: Salutation to the feminine energy that protects from all negative influences.

Aim Hrim Klim


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