749 – Is my ego me?

Ahamkara—ego is our identity as an individual. Ahamkara is described as being in a state without awareness. Being without awareness means we are without consciousness. It is how many of us live. We have no interest in anyone but ourselves. It is like having tunnel vision. We do not see left or right. I have observed this in many persons. Ahamkara means my form and it is your total self.

From ahamkara comes Chitta (subjective responses). From chitta comes Buddhi. Buddhi is intellect and it comes from a collection of memories. From buddhi emerges manas which is the mind and manas is reflective thinking. How does chitta work? It is the storehouse of memories, samskaras and impressions. Everything that has happened in the past, is part of Chitta. The past is something specific and it can impact one. Buddhi and manas do not affect it.

Yogic sadhana works on ahamkara. One has to cease from the mental and emotional chatter about past events. How does one accomplish this. Trataka is a powerful practice, which quietens the mind. One’s attention is on the flame and then one closes one’s eyes and tries to see the image of the flame in the eyebrow center. Gradually your perception of yourself will change. You will see yourself as you are and will perceive others in a magnanimous light.

My dear ones, first we must work on our memory bank and then on our identity, which results from this accumulation. How? By practicing atmabhava, love for our fellow beings.

Aim Hrim Klim


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