937 – What the ancient sages believed

The ancient sages believed that life is nothing but an expression of consciousness and energy. Mind and matter are the expressions of consciousness and energy. Consciousness and energy manifest as life in the form of spirit, mind, senses, intellect and ego. Both are present in every aspect of creation in the form of Astha prakriti, the eight-fold aspect of manifest nature. Continue reading

874 – Truth

There are no major differences between God-realization and Yoga. Both paths are the same and, on this path, one has to reach the path through the body. One differentiates saying that the mind and body are separate. Chitta (thought and counter thought), Buddhi (intellect) and Ahamkara (ego) are separate.

From this body to the truth, the technique which can illuminate the path is called Yoga. God himself is the source of the truth and energy. Therefore, all the techniques that are practiced in Yoga, enable one to seek the truth.

And in the last stage of Yoga, one attains spirituality and then there is no difference between spirituality and God. And in the process, one knows oneself and this is Yoga.

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749 – Is my ego me?

Ahamkara—ego is our identity as an individual. Ahamkara is described as being in a state without awareness. Being without awareness means we are without consciousness. It is how many of us live. We have no interest in anyone but ourselves. It is like having tunnel vision. We do not see left or right. I have observed this in many persons. Ahamkara means my form and it is your total self. Continue reading

186 – Why the head of the elephant for Ganesha

Did Shiva know that Shakti had created a beautiful boy to be her protector? Shakti was very upset as she had nobody to take care of her. Whomsoever, she created, Shiva took them away and they became Shiva’s followers. Does this not happen in many marriages and Shakti and Shiva are the ultimate power couple. Continue reading