748 – Invoke Medha

Who is Medha? She is the Vedic goddess presiding over the power of memory and understanding.

How does memory influence us? I read that one should build on the old memories and then one forgets the unpleasant memories. It is possible if it relates to war or other disasters. How can one reduce a traumatic event and build on it? Dear ones, it is possible to accept a traumatic event and not allow it to interfere with the process of daily events. However, one has to work on it, and sometimes it can be life-long.

My experience was with the gift of Yoga by my Guru. I went to the ashram because of pain in my wrists and the pain went and so did my angst. I did not know that I was carrying so much distress. It was not magical but with the intervention of my wonderful teacher and my Guru, I became more accepting. It was not a complete transformation, I was still my crabbity self, scolding my sons and quarrelling with my husband. It was something much deeper, I started feeling comfortable and I developed awareness. I did not know what detachment meant. It happened. I can only look back and say it was the power of Yoga.

What I taught

I started working on the subject of memory and reading advanced books on Psychology. It opened more and more doors for me. I studied Counselling, Chakra Massage and I was blessed because I did not have to pay for any of the courses. I taught the nuns and priests Yoga in the counselling course and my course was free. And then at the age of 42, I got my Ph.D.

I was curious and I focused on working with persons with anxiety issues. It was then I learnt how Yoga can change one’s life. People came with serious issues and I taught them Pawan Mukta Asana and Yoga Nidra. I was young myself and I was didactic. It worked for them.

Then I was drawn to trauma issues and I found that the most powerful method of working with such a subject was through breath. The power of the prana in the breath enabled one to build on sad events. You may ask how? It is so obvious and we ignore it. Our breath is with us always and we only have to become aware of the pause between the inhalation and exhalation and the pause after. It is normal breathing with awareness. If one adds counting to it, it becomes more effective.

Your memory of traumatic events becomes enfeebled and it does not impact your thinking. It will not go away but you will become empowered and then fearless. Invoke Medha.

Aim Hrim Klim


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