750 – Shiv Tandava Strotram

By Ravana

Salutations to Lord Shiva, whose hair is like a dense forest, whose throat is wet by the pure flowing water of the Ganga. The snakes resting around the neck of Shiva are like long garlands. They are iridescent in the sunlight. The sound of the drums is echoing the passionate dance of Shiva.

Who composed this magnificent description?

It was King Ravana. He was the sincerest devotee of Shiva and it was written by him centuries ago. Ravana is reviled in the Ramayana for abducting Sita. However, he was a scholar and he wrote the Shiv Tandava Strotram. It describes the cosmic dance of Shiva that eliminates all negative energies. It is comprised of fifteen verses and each verse describes Shiva in his effulgence.

Why did Ravana write the Shiva Tandav Strotram?

Lord Shiva is considered the kindest God and he is called the innocent one, Bhole Nath. If one prays to him, he grants one’s wish. The outcome of his kindness was that all the demons prayed to him and received boons. Ravana was the king of all the demons and he was ruled by his ego and brilliance. He got carried away with his power and tried to lift Mount Kailash with Lord Shiva on it. He thought that he would take him to Sri Lanka. Shiva just pressed his toe and, in the process, crushed Ravana’s fingers. Ravana cried in pain.

Now he was terrified, and he had to placate Shiva now. He therefore sang the hymn which he composed known as Shiva Tandava Strotram. Shiva when he heard this beautiful hymn, became pleased with Ravana as the music was exquisite and enchanting. Shiva loves music. Now Shiva asked Ravana what he wanted. Ravana being an egotistical megalomaniac, said that he wished to become indestructible so that no God could kill him. Shiva being the innocent one agreed.

Now we come to appreciate what are the benefits of chanting or listening to the Shiva Tandava Strotram. It can be chanted or listened to any time. At dawn and dusk, it is very beneficial. The Shiva Tandava Strotram enables a person to become fulfilled with material possessions and no desire is left unfulfilled. All sins are forgiven.

Dear ones, please listen to the Shiv Tandava. The first part describes Shiva with his powers like his dance, his third eye, his matted hair and his trident. The second part is asking for his blessings and protection.

Aim Hrim Klim


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