751 – Unconditional love

Dear ones, how many of us practice unconditional love? Whom do we remember when we think about unconditional love? Our mothers, family members, relatives? Let me start with Mums, can we think of our mothers with a mean gene in them? Elder sisters, aunts, grannies, teachers and the list can go on. It is surprising that the male relatives do not figure so much on the list. I am not writing to make comparisons but even all our Saints and Gurus remember their mothers.

I was thinking about unconditional love this morning, when I gave Lulu Lola, my wild cat her breakfast. She wrapped herself around my legs and when I was a little slow on the uptake, she bit me gently and then hard. It started out with unconditional love and then literally became an order, to get on with it. Meow in the bowl and milk lightly warmed.

Dogs on the other hand give us unconditional love and when we pat them, feed them or walk them, they are so pleased.

Of course, we are human beings and how do we feel about unconditional love. Swami Sivananda speaks about love, serve and give. Do we follow it? Only we can answer this question. Are we able to share love with others? I have seen so much caring and sharing in my children. They do not grab when we put food out. They have very little. Their eyes light up when our volunteers come because they are treated as special. Unconditional love can be practiced by us in our daily life. It means do not think negatively about others and see yourself in them.

Our Yogic Sadhana teaches us this and removes our negative clutter.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash

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