758 – Hindu prayers

How do we look at the sun? When one wakes up in the morning, folding one’s hands with the eyes closed, facing the Sun is a powerful prayer. Next with eyes closed, rubbing the palms of the hands together and placing the warm palms on the eyes. It is a powerful practice. Everyone loves the sun and it is only in Hindu dharma, that the sun is described as the soul of the whole universe; sun is the source of for all living things.

Forms of Hindu Gods

One never wondered why the Gods looked the way they did. One was in awe and they were symbols of different virtues and powers. If one can visualize a God in her/his glory then one would be in a trance as were many of our saints.

Prayer to Ganesha

O lord! With a curved trunk and a huge body, your lustre is equal to that of a 100 million suns. Kindly remove all the obstacles in my path.

His curved trunk is the symbol of power to know the difference between good and bad. The elephant uses his trunk to draw only pure water. His large body is filled with knowledge. His light is bedazzling and praying to him enables one to overcome all difficulties.

One only has to contemplate on the vision and it is the belief. Since one found trees, stones and plants with sacred threads on them, one was respectful of not stepping on them. Often one would see sugar left for ants and one had to be careful not to step on them. It became a way of life.

If one only looks around, dear ones, then God is present in everything. And in Hinduism one is taught to respect his creations. Ahimsa is one’s creed.

Aim Hrim Klim


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