758 – Hindu prayers

How do we look at the sun? When one wakes up in the morning, folding one’s hands with the eyes closed, facing the Sun is a powerful prayer. Next with eyes closed, rubbing the palms of the hands together and placing the warm palms on the eyes. It is a powerful practice. Everyone loves the sun and it is only in Hindu dharma, that the sun is described as the soul of the whole universe; sun is the source of for all living things. Continue reading

303 – The central teaching of all the saints

It is our dharma, our faith to serve humanity. We must give love to those who need love. We must help those who are poor and neglected. Our resources must be utilized for the welfare of others. Our strength, intelligence, mind, heart, soul, money, knowledge, power, and friends should be used for the benefit of others. Enjoyment and happiness comes from giving and sharing with the needy and the unhappy. These are the teachings of Jesus Christ, Saint Francis, Gautama Buddha, Mahavira, Mahatama Gandhi and every enlightened human being. Continue reading