780 – A clean slate

What is the color of slate? It varies from grey-blue, greenish-grey, black tan or purplish grey. My grandma was deaf and she had a dark, grey slate on which we would write. The slate I am writing about is the slate of one’s being.

How can one clean the slate of one’s mind and body? Can one restore it to its pristine color? The slate is oneself and can one transform oneself? Is it possible? Self-awareness can make it possible for one to make changes. Self-acceptance is important. If one can accept everyone else as they are, then one can grow into an empathetic being.

On the slate write, ‘How do I perceive myself, my nature and my environment?’ Once there is awareness and you are an observer, you are connected to the inner divinity of others and to your own divinity. It is the most difficult question that you are asking of yourself. You receive your answer by simply being a witness to everything that you do and trying to remain neutral. It is not easy but by practicing breath awareness, which is one of the easiest activities, we are in control of our breath and of our thoughts. How by counting your breath, visualizing the prana in it, which leads to balancing of one’s sympathetic and parasympathetic system.

Breath is our source of life and within our breath is the life force, prana which enables us to rejuvenate and restore ourselves.

Dear ones, write on your slate that you will accept others as they are and when that happens perceive the change in yourself.

Aim Hrim Klim


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