882 – Change is the law of the universe

Whatever is happening is also for good.
Whatever will happen, shall also be good.
What have you lost that you cry for?
What did you bring that you have lost?
What did you create that was destroyed?
What you have taken, has been from here.
What you gave has been given here.
What belongs to you today,
Belonged to someone yesterday.
And will be someone else’s tomorrow. – Bhagavad Gita

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881 – Love conquers all

Swami Sivananda describes love as Sara Vastu (true substance) in this world.

It is eternal, infinite and undecaying. Feel that all beings are images of God. Feel that your body is a moving temple of God. Whatever activity you are performing, it is an offering. Become a witness and you will enjoy the highest peace and bliss.

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839 – Sacred Space

Space verily is greater than radiance.
For in space are the sun and moon,
Lightning, stars and fire.
Through space one calls,
Through space one hears
Through space one replies
In space one delights
Or does not delight…
Meditate on space.

That which is Brahman is also the space outside the body.
That which is the space outside the body is also inside the body.
And that which is the space inside the body is also the space within the heart.
That treasure within the heart is full and unchanging.
He who knows this is always full and not subject to change.

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