805 – One nation, one universe

I believe that humanity is suffering because of nations; nations should disappear. Too many national anthems have been sung, too many flags have been flown… enough of all this. Accept the oneness of mankind. Now, one earth and one mankind. – Osho

Can we all be one nation, one earth, one universe? We are engaged in indiscriminate wars and destruction of the environment. Have we paused to think about the toxic waste, which is being dumped into earth, in the third world countries? We are only thinking about ourselves.

If we would recognize each and every person as our brother and sister, then we could become one nation, one earth.

Accept Atmabhava (love of all beings) and allow it to reflect in your environment.

Aim Hrim Klim

Bild von 🆓 Use at your Ease 👌🏼 auf Pixabay

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