806 – Disruption of space

Space is a word used so freely. I was thinking about this word and the descriptions given are numerous. We use it in many ways. Giving examples, safe space, happy space, comfort space, emotional space, toxic space, unhealthy space.

Then we have ether element which represents the vastness and emptiness of space. It is the most subtle of the tattvas. It manifests as the spirit of ether, encompassing everything and yet being intangible. Ether is associated with sound in its purest form. Sound and ether cannot be separated. Ether has unusual qualities. It is cold because it lacks warmth created by fire. It is light because it lacks the heaviness created by earth and water. It is immobile because it lacks the propulsiveness of air. It is subtle and it is present everywhere. It is a part of all other elements.

Ether creates the space for other elements to fill. The mind is composed of ether, and when it gets disturbed, ether represents the foundation upon which thoughts and emotions ride. In our body ether is the space between the organs. And within the intestines, nerves and veins. When there is vitiation (destruction) of ether, then disease occurs.

Now reflect on the words which we use, when describing space. Breath awareness followed by meditation will lead to one being in a spiritual space. Thereafter since fear and doubt are eliminated space is becomes threat free.

Aim Hrim Klim


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