817 – Give yourself a hug

How does one give oneself a hug? Cherish yourself and work on your hormones, the big four.

  • Dopamine, which acts on specific areas of the brain to produce feelings of pleasure and satisfaction.
  • Oxytocin stimulates positive social interaction and reduces stress.
  • Serotonin stabilizes one’s mood and regulates sleep patterns and digestion.
  • Endorphins help to relieve pain, reduce stress and work on wellbeing.

What does one do to be content and happy?

Dopamine is produced when one works in a disciplined manner. One’s life is also regulated, one exercises, eats healthy and gets enough sleep. Over-indulgence is not the code of conduct, this means excess of social media and junk food.

Oxytocin results from close relationships. Being loving, affectionate and kind. Keeping a pet is also a way. Do not isolate and alienate yourself.

Serotonin is acquired from sunshine, healthy exercise and eating nuts, legumes proteins, vegetables and fruits. It also balances one’s stress. It is essential to have a healthy life style.

Endorphins are acquired from enjoyment of life. This includes laughter, singing and dancing. Eat dark chocolate and spicy food. Do not overdose on fun and eating. As always, a balanced life style is necessary.

Look at this list, what is the quickest way to accomplish subjective wellbeing. A Yogic Sadhana and Yogic lifestyle will grant this to one. The description of the happiness hormones is they restore our balance and harmony, self-love and self-acceptance are part of the production of these hormones.

And last but not least give yourself a hug and when you do that you embrace the universe as you see yourself in the face of the universe.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

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