828 – Practice Titiksha

Titiksha means patient endurance as a practical approach to ride out the storm of suffering. Swami Yogananda gives some advice on how to face life without becoming emotionally, and mentally disturbed.

He said one must remain balanced while watching how one’s body is affected.

  • During extreme heat;
  • During severe cold;
  • During fever;
  • While having a head cold;
  • During pain from a wound or some other acute bodily discomfort (do not try to ignore it; watch it as a diminishing feeling of sensation, manifesting to you only as a matter of knowledge. You will find that the greater your knowledge about its specific nature, the less will be the feeling of pain associated with it. Then one learns how to distinguish between the pain reported by the sensation of pain and the terrible fear or agony self-inflicted by the idea-habit of pain).
  • During a sorrowful state of mind;
  • During the state of mind when it is overjoyed to possess a longed-for object.

This teaches one endurance and an objective non-attachment and this results in one being free from fear and the feelings and emotions either of restlessness or joy are neutralized.

The Divine Romance: Sri Sri Paramahamsa Yogananda.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Akshar Dave🌻 on Unsplash

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