856 – Spiritual Knowledge – Brahma Vidya

What is spiritual knowledge? Who seeks it? We seek it. Animals are not interested in it and that is why they are animals. There would be no difference between man and animals if one lived only to eat and procreate. We must rise from this level and the pursuit of Yoga is the way. We enter the earth as humans after 84 million births.

Do we ask ourselves these questions, who am I? Where should I go? What should I do? My life can be taken away any moment.

We have the power of thought. We have desires. We are a creation of the almighty. Our body is mortal but our soul is immortal and this is the main teaching of the Gita and the Upanishads. Only through the power of Yogic Sadhana can we attain spiritual knowledge. One who practices to unite with one’s soul is full of patience and no attachment.

Brahma Vidya means knowledge of the ultimate truth. Swami Sivananda described it as the science of God and the science of sciences. The knower of Brahma Vidya has the whole experience through intuition or revelation.

Brahma Vidya meditation by Swami Sivananda

Close your eyes. Withdraw your senses. Quieten the mind. Silence your thoughts. Make your mind waveless. Merge deep into the Atman, the Self, the Supreme Soul, the Light of lights, the Sun of suns. All knowledge will be revealed to you. You will have divine wisdom. All doubts will vanish. All mental torments will disappear. All heated debates and discussions will terminate. Peace, bliss, eternal happiness and knowledge will remain.

Aim Hrim Klim


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