875 – Remover of Grief

Hanuman has many titles. Each one speaks about his different virtues and how they reflect his divine powers.

  1. Hanuman means one with a twisted jaw.
  2. He is also called the son of Anjani.
  3. Son of Vayu
  4. Omnipotent
  5. Beloved of Rama
  6. Friend of Arjuna
  7. One with brownish yellow colored eyes
  8. One whose valor is immeasurable
  9. One who has crossed the ocean
  10. One who removed the grief of Sita
  11. One who revived Lord Lakshman.
  12. One who destroyed the grief and arrogance of Ravana.

Remembering these virtues will enable one to develop determination, courage and fearlessness.

To help souls

The story is that Hanuman’s mother was an Apsara, and she was cursed to become a monkey. However, despite being a monkey, she was very beautiful. Pavan Kumar, the wind god saw her and fell in love with her. He blew on her clothes and Hanuman was born. He is called Pavan Putra, son of Vayu. His other names are Sankat Mochan (remover of hardships) and Dukhbhanjan (breaking sorrow), since he is always there to help troubled and distressed souls.

It is also believed that he is an incarnation of Rudra, and he was born to aid Rama in the destruction of Ravana. It is said that Rama will grant all wishes if one prays to Hanuman first. There are many stories about Hanuman’s devotion and dedication to Sita (incarnation of Lakshmi) and Rama. Sita gave Hanuman a pearl necklace at the coronation. Hanuman started biting the pearls. Everyone was gaping at him and Sita asked him, why he was doing this. He replied that he was checking if he would find Rama in the pearls.

Sita then asked whether he kept Rama within himself. He opened his heart and the faces of Rama and Sita were engraved on it. When Rama ascended to his supreme abode, Hanuman wished to accompany him. Rama said to him that he was to remain as long as his name was chanted in the universe.

Dear ones, let us revere Hanuman every day and be blessed with health, happiness and dedication to the Divinity.

Aim Hrim Klim


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