876 – First among the heroes of the universe

Who is this hero? What are the qualities such a hero should have? Dear ones, I will list them.

Heroic deeds.
Marvelous feats of strength and bravery.
Sense of duty.
Great skill in military tactics.
Crossing the sea in one leap.
Lifting a mountain peak in the palm of his hand.
Carrying his brothers on his shoulders from the nether world.
An ideal Nishkama-Karma Yogi or Selfless Worker.

Who is it?

It is Hanuman. He lived by uttering the name of Rama. He served him with pure love and devotion. He was humble brave and wise. He accomplished the impossible. He did what the others could not do. He crossed the ocean by uttering Rama Nam. He burnt Lanka, by chanting Rama Nam, in order to help Rama to rescue Sita. He brought Sanjeevini, the life restoring herb and saved Lakshman. He was never boastful. He described himself as a humble messenger of Rama, who had come to serve Rama, to do his work. He was fearless by the grace of Rama. He was not afraid of death and said that he welcomed death, if it came while serving Rama. He never called himself brave and stated that it was only because of Rama’s blessings he had these powers.

You will be worshipped first

Rama said to Hanuman, “I am indebted to you, O mighty hero! You did marvelous, super human deeds. You never asked for a reward. Sugriva (son Surya and king of the monkeys) was given a kingdom. Angad, Sugriva’s nephew became crown prince. Vibhishana (younger brother of Ravana) became king of Lanka. You even threw away the precious garland of pearls given by Sita. I will grant you a boon to live forever. All will honour and worship you, like myself. Your Murti will be placed at the door of my temple and you will be worshipped first.”

Hanuman had Bhakti, Sakti, Vidya, Seva-Bhava and he was a Brahmacharya.

Is it possible to emulate his virtues, to love God unconditionally? We can try.

Extracted from Swami Sivananda’s book on Indian Gods and Goddesses.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Shabeeba Ameen on Unsplash

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