896 – Awakening of the Mahaprana

Quotes from Tulsidas.

Vipado naiv viadah naiv sampadah
Vipado vismaranam Vishnu sampadah Narayan smritti.

Forgetting God is the greatest calamity in life and the greatest prosperity lies in remembering him.

Ananda Sindhu ke hun basa
Binu jane kaa marasi pyasa.

O Being, the ocean of happiness lies within you so why then are you roving about thirsty? Why does not your thirst get quenched when the pot of nectar (of happiness) lies within you.

How to be aware of God constantly?

Swami Sivananda

We have to love and serve everybody without attachment and passion. We have to love God without asking him for anything. The purpose of our spiritual life has to be to have the vision of the divine. God has given us everything and we did not ask for it. Then why do we ask him for anything at all. He knows what we need. He knows what we deserve.

God is the breath of the breath; prana of the pranas and the life of lives and God is my reality. This is the only truth in life.

Our Sankalp is to be aware of our breath, of our thoughts and to become conscious of the presence of God everywhere and in all beings. This will lead to the balance of our prana and the connection to the inner divinity.

Aim Hrim Klim


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