013 – Can we control the wind?

How do we control Prana? Can we control the wind?
Attempting to controlling our mind, makes us plunge in a constant war with ourselves. What should we do?

We work on purifying the elements of our body and mind. We attempt to unblock the Ida and Pingala nadi, so that the Sushumna nadi can flow. Once the Sushumna nadi flows, our chakras are unblocked.

However before we reach there we practice Asanas, pranayamas, mudras and bandhas. We restore balance to our mind and body as we practice with awareness and concentration. Our body also has to be purified through the Shat Kriyas. Pranayama means balance of prana.

We also need a psychic sound and a symbol. Psychic sound is a mantra, and psychic symbol can be a lotus, sun, moon or a deity. Your symbol is your beacon and it is always with you. Prana can be controlled with any on of these, psychic breath, psychic sound, psychic nadi, psychic centres and symbol. We are human and we need them all.

Visualise Ma Kali standing on the body of Shiva. Kali is the exploded Prana Shakti and Shiva is the individual consciousness. This symbolises the point when the pranas wake up and the individual consciousness is completely dissolved.

Start today by being aware of your breath.

Aim Hrim Klim.

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