062 – A gift from the heart

I have been running an NGO called TORCH for the last 27 years. Our focus is on children who live on the pavement with their parents. We enable the kids, who are between the ages of 3-8 to live a life of a happy child. Our goal is to give them affection, safety, and a routine. The kids are on their own on the pavement. They maybe asked to do chores like taking care of younger siblings or clean the space, or guard their stuff as it is out in the open.

They come to us daily and learn skipping, yoga, colouring and try to learn routine. I am sharing with you because I want you to appreciate how poor they are and yet they are generous. On teachers’ day they bought a cake by collecting money from each child. They had the names written on the cake and presented it to the staff. They value what is being done for them. Here is a lesson on Atma Bhava.

They wanted to do something special and they brought the cake. We just have to understand that generosity comes from the heart. And some of us are never lacking in it. I am so grateful for Swami Sivanananda gifting us the saying, “Love, serve and give.”

Aim Hrim Klim


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