086 – Whom should I listen to

I had a major spinal surgery last year. It was an emergency surgery, and it was something out of the blues. My dachshund was sniffing my ankle all the time. He was fifteen and was not a sniffer. I wondered why and the thought came into my mind, that did I have a tumour.

I had excruciating back pain, I could not walk easily and in all this mayhem, he died. He was our great grand pup. We had kept his grandfather, and my sister had taken his father. We were heartbroken as we have always kept doxies and now, we were bereft. After his passing, I had to go for surgery, and it was a large tumour nesting on the base of my spine. I have always been proud of my spine, being a Yoga teacher all my life. The recovery was okay.

What to do with my back

There are many dos and don’ts. This morning I was talking to my husband about the surgery, which was more than a year ago. My mind keeps telling me that I can do many asanas and my body complies. However always the outcome is that my back starts hurting if I do any forward bending asanas or back extensions. Now I know that I should not do them but a young voice within me says that I can do it.

It is my vanity. My reasoning says do not be reckless. The conclusion that I have come to is that I must be very conscious of my surgery and be constantly aware. I feel that I am thinking of myself all the time and I do not like that. The teachings of my Gurus come to my mind, and I have to understand that in order to do my work, running TORCH and teaching, I owe it my street kids to take care of myself. Please give it a thought and also remember that Jesus said, “Physician heal thyself.”

Aim Hrim Klim


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