250 – Empower your child

Look into a mirror, it shows your reflection. If the mirror is cracked, it will reflect a cracked image. The mind of a child if it is disturbed or upset will reveal an unwholesome likeness. In order to enable the child to review her/him/self equably, we have to work on the process of one-pointedness.

There are two ways to work on this. The first way is to ask the child to concentrate on a point (star, yantra, mandala, candle flame). Some children find this very easy, and others find it very difficult.

The second practice is to ask the child to close her/his eyes and guide her/him through the process of inner dharana (meditation). Take the five senses and tell the child to experience them, thorough taste, smell, sound, touch and hearing. For sense of taste, one can give the example of strawberry ice cream, for sense of smell, the fragrance of strawberry, for sense of touch the cold of the ice cream, for sense of sight visualizing the pink ice cream, and for the sense of hearing the call of the ice cream man or the ringing jingle of the van. This works on the sensory system of the child and the practice can be made more complex gradually. It is not easy for the child to work on the five senses, simultaneously. It is possible to work with one sense at a time.

This will empower and improve the ability of mental reproduction of your child and lead to creativity and spontaneity in school and life.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

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