273 – Be selfish and engage in meditation and prayers

We are in a state of misery. We are deluged by misfortunes. Famine, floods and war. There are shortages everywhere. Innocents are being shot in schools, fires raging. Our miserable nature is overtaking us. We are crushing and destroying what is dear to us. Hurting others who have not harmed us. Wars are erupting everywhere. War does not only mean a battle but there is also an ongoing war against disease and pestilence. It has afflicted our thinking. There are politicians who are talking about maintaining peace but actually they are preparing for war to preserve peace.

When we look at the youth everywhere, we frown because they are enjoying themselves, with music, dance, love and meditation. They are considered a threat by the government. Unhappiness is the core of the administration. The politicians make this their trademark. They build on the fear of the public. It enables us to become unreasonable and behave in a monstrous fashion. An example is of a patient who shot dead his surgeon and three others in the clinic because he was not given sufficient medicine after his surgery to manage his pain. The politicians are exploiting us and feeding us with propaganda and then they feed on our frenzy.

Experience the presence of God

Osho says that we have to learn to be selfish, we will become unselfish spontaneously. Our selfishness will lead us to our core of energy and then we will be able to share with others. Next comes love which is very selfish and after love comes meditation and prayer. Our love for God is only possible through our single minded devotion and dedication. Therefore only then will we be able to experience the presence of God. He elucidates that his version of selfishness is to understand beauty and then we can understand unselfishness. In joy we are creative and in misery we are destructive.

Therefore we must be appreciative of our surroundings. We must look for the thread of vibrancy and vitality and become connected to it. Become selfish, practice pratyahara (withdrawing your senses) and close your eyes. Concentrate on the repetition of your mantra, and visualizing your breath ascending from the navel to the throat when you inhale, and visualizing your breath descending from the throat to the navel when you exhale. Practice for twenty minutes daily. This is the sadhana of ajapa japa.

Let us be selfish and be absorbed in meditation and prayers. Remove misery and engage in inspirational activities.

Aim Hrim Klim


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