274 – The Garden Of Love

Take a walk in a garden and look about you. The most wonderful thing is that one can take a walk anytime of the year, anywhere and appreciate nature. It can be very hot or very cold but it is possible to be appreciative of the greenery or the different shades of brown. Step out on the beach, in the park, forest or even playground. Become aware of everything around you. Of course switch off the phone. Once you are in a space, take a few breaths, normal, spontaneous ones and become comfortable with yourself. Focus on what you are observing.

What can you see?

Look closely, observe the colors. Next hear the sounds. You may hear the rustling of the leaves or the sound made by a small creature on the plant. Smell the earth and all odors. Some are pleasant and some are unpleasant. Concentrate on the smell of green plants and the freshly watered earth if that is possible. You may get the smell of a fruit ripening and you can feel the taste of it. Touch the petals of a flower and maybe you will have some pollen on your hands.

An awe walk is looking at things with refreshed eyes. Savor the moment. You will find it will increase your sense of wellbeing. It is always possible to gaze with a different perspective. You may see a perfect bird’s egg and will be surprised to observe that it is hatched egg. It is a quest to look out.

Zen Garden

A Zen Garden is so simple and yet when you look at it, it fills you with serenity. It is possible for us to make our own tiny Zen garden. You need a sand tray and a rake. Just raking the sand into swirling patterns is relaxing and looking at the lines, helps one to focus and relax.

The garden of love as described by Swami Sivananda. Love grows wildly in the heart of the ignorant man. There is luscious fruit of love in a corner of the heart, but the heart is clogged with thorns of jealousy and hatred and therefore the fruit is not accessible. There are bushes of lust, anger and greed and wild animals hide in this forest of poisonous plants. Love is lost and is almost non-existent.

In the case of a man who is a devotee of the lord, the garden is a place of heaven. It has no weeds, no toxic plants, and thorns. The love of God wafts from this heart. Turn your gaze within and seek the love. Cultivate it with awareness, weed out negativity and fear. Become liberated and your bhakti will awaken the lord.

The garden of love is a goal for all of us and our heightened awareness will lead us there.

Aim Hrim Klim


Photo by Cosmic Timetraveler on Unsplash

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