376 – Navaratri – 9 nights of worship of the Goddess

What is worship? Puja begins with external things. One gathers flowers, makes sandal paste, prepares prasad (offering of food to the Goddess) and collects the necessary items for the external puja. However while one is performing this activity, one is conscious that one is attempting to please the mother. All these external activities take one’s mind inwards and focus on the deity.

The method described of approaching the goddess has been perfected over thousands of years. The essence of worship is devotion. Through the puja one’s senses are sanctified. After a while one does not need the external objects and one sees the divinity in one’s heart.

One appears different from moment to moment. One’s clothes, activity and moods keep changing. Like so the Goddess’s self-expression takes on countless aspects. Some forms are similar and some are different. Each one of these avatars enables one to appreciate and understand her. She always remains the bountiful and forgiving mother. Her fearful aspects are there for us to become fearless.

During Durga Puja one meditates on the victory of good over evil, which resides in one. Durga is depicted as either riding a tiger or a lion. She has multiple arms, carrying weapons and performing mudras. She is the embodiment of Shakti and creativity. She is enchantingly beautiful. She is worshipped in this form during Navratri. Nine aspects of Durga are meditated upon.

During this period, concentrate on yourself and observe how you can change yourself.

Aim Hrim Klim


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