409 – Two Brothers

Karma and Yoga are brothers. When they unite, they form a very powerful relationship. Through this relationship it is possible to lead a spiritual life for an ordinary individual. None of us can avoid the actions of our karma. It is not the objective of Yoga to send us on a road, where one neglects one’s karma in the form of our daily responsibilities and duties.

How do we proceed on this path? We are mindful of our activities. We are involved in what we are doing, and not working unthinkingly. We are aware and then this activity, which we are performing becomes a flowing, spontaneous meditation.

Take an example from cleaning the house. Many of us are not immersed in the activity, we have many thoughts in our minds, and maybe resentment as to why we have to clean. Outcome we stub our finger or toe, and you all know how much hurts.

What if we had paid heed to what our Gurus say?

Be centered in your task, enjoy it, bear no resentment and do it perfectly. The outcome is that one enjoys what one is doing, and one is able to work harmoniously, without thinking of what else has to be done. After all the house will look clean and smell nice. You are a witness and it becomes a very pleasant activity. So, we are mindful and we are spontaneous in what we are doing.

The Gita says,

“Yoga is complete efficiency in action.”

Any task must be approached with this attitude. The focus and lack of negativity teaches us that there is satisfaction in what we are doing. We find that our awareness is enhanced and the concentration given to the job, makes us one pointed and we can face issues in our daily life.

“Awareness requires living in the here and now, and not in the elsewhere, the past or the future.” Eric Berne.

Aim Hrim Klim

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