418 – The meaning of Shakti

Shakti is the divine energy that is connected to each God. Shiva’s Shakti is Parvati, Vishnu’s Shakti is Lakshmi and Brahma’s Shakti is Saraswati. Shakti is also addressed as Devi or Mother Goddess.

It is stated that feminine energy is the source of energy with no beginning and no end. Purusha, the male energy which enhances female energy and gives it order and focus. Creation arises out of the union of Shakti and Purusha. Shakti is all in all and Purusha is the individual.

Shakti cleanses the universe of ignorance and evil. Her vehicle of motion is the lion and that is to remind us to control our desires and greed and avarice. One hand of hers always raised in blessings and her seat is the lotus.

By worshipping the Goddess, we accept every part of ourselves and then we can change ourselves.

Aim Hrim Klim


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