545 – Happy Birthday, Rama

How do we celebrate the birthday of Rama? We do so by dedicating ourselves to the worship of Rama. Chanting the name of Rama, grants us deliverance. Repeating Sri Rama is enough to award us positive energy and awakening of our soul. Our Ida-Pingala nadis are balanced and the Sushumna nadi starts flowing, with saying the name of Rama.

The word Rama is composed of Raa and Omm, which are the two chakras among the seven chakras. The chakras are Manipura and Ajna. Rama, Vishnu’s avatar, descended as a mortal to the earth to destroy the Rakshas, Ravana. He is the destroyer of all evil that rests within our hearts.

Rama Bhakti means that one’s actions should touch the heart of Rama. Rama’s heart melts when the devotee is genuine and he rushes to help him/her in his distress or joy. In the Krittivasi Ramayana, there is a story to illustrate this. When the bridge was being built across the ocean to reach Sri Lanka, all the monkeys were collecting big boulders to place in the sea.

There was a little squirrel, who would run to the ocean, wet himself and roll in the sand. Then he would scamper to the bridge and shake himself of the sand. The monkeys got irritated with his behavior and they felt he was coming in their way. However Rama was watching and he knew exactly what the squirrel was doing. He appreciated his devotion and his desire to help. He picked up the squirrel and caressed its body. The squirrel has three stripes on his back.

Rama Devotion

Close your eyes and practice Anuloma Viloma. Visualize and become aware of the prana in the breath flowing in and out of the left nostril, 27 times. Shift to right nostril and repeat the process, 27 times. Now become aware of the prana in the breath flowing in and out of both nostrils, 54 times. The Ida and Pingala nadis are cleared and the Sushumna is flowing. In the meanwhile, your thoughts are not being playful and disruptive. Concentrate on the word, Rama and your love for him. Use a Tulsi mala, and do one or 11 rounds. Practice for 10 to 20 minutes.

Aim Hrim Klim


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