142 – Self-exploration with Anuloma Viloma Pranayama

In these extraordinary times, we are all spending a great deal of time with ourselves. Self-exploration is the process to find out what is invaluable to us by self-introspection. What is right for us, and how do we accept ourselves as we are. We live in the universe which is composed of space, air, fire, water and earth. It is also our composition.

Let us address the earth element. The earth element and the mooladhara chakra are the first element and chakra to be activated when we are born. They cater to our basic needs of security, (food, shelter) and the mooladhara chakra is the most important chakra in our early life. We are engaged in leading ordinary lives and yet we have a sense of dissatisfaction. There is an edginess present in us. An unstable mooladhara chakra is when in our adult lives we view ourselves with dissatisfaction and have frustrations in our lives, which we cannot come to terms with.

We have to face our prana, which is not being rejuvenated and we are governed by feelings of fretfulness and instability. How do we work on this state? We always return to the process of respiration. Out of all the functions of our body, we can control our respiration. In order to awaken our prana, we have to use five keys, psychic sound, psychic breath, nadis (for flow of prana), chakras (unblocked), and the psychic symbol.

The first step is to practice anuloma viloma pranayama

You start with the left side of the nostril, visualize the prana in your breath, flowing in and out of the Ida nadi. Then you visualize the right nostril and the prana in your breath, flowing in and out of the Pingala nadi. Now you visualize both nostrils unblocked and the prana flowing in the breath in and out of both nostrils, which means that the sushumna nadi is flowing. Only when the sushumna nadi flows, can the chakras be open, and the earth element be purified.

What is happening here

We are practicing anuloma viloma pranayama. In order to make the sadhana complete, we must follow a few steps. Counting is essential. 54 times we must breathe through each nostril, and no errors as we would have to repeat the practice if our concentration wanders. We use a mantra, Soham, Aum or our personal mantra. We sit with our back straight. We are aware of our breath, we are visualizing our prana in our breath and are conscious of the respective nadis, we are chanting our mantra, and are concentrating on the counting.

The outcome is that our feelings, emotions and thoughts are not influencing us. We are comfortable with our sadhana and this comfort induces a sense of wellbeing in us. We feel grounded and connected, our prana is recharged and flowing in the earth element and mooladhara chakra.

Aim Hrim Klim


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