557 – Meditation on Devi

In the mudra of granting what you desire.

The mantra for granting our heart’s desire is from Saundarya Lahiri – Verse 3.

Jadaanaam Chaitanya tabaka-makaranda-sruti-jharee;
Daridraanam chintaa manigunanikaa janmajaladhau
Nimagagaanam damshtraa muraripu-varaahasya bhavati.


For the ignorant (the dust of thy feet) is the island of shelter, where the luminous sunrise (of spiritual illumination) dawns, driving away the overcast darkness (of ignorance). For the dull-witted it becomes clusters of flowers from which the nectar of awareness gushes forth. For the destitute it is a necklace of wish yielding gems. And for those immersed in the ocean of samskara, it becomes their uplifter, like the tusk of Vishnu (which raised the earth from submergence) when he incarnated as Varaha, the cosmic boar.

There is a wide range of benefits that Shakti offers! Just as the mother gives her child the best things in the world, and in the same way, the cosmic Mother bestows the most precious gifts upon her devotee. Through worship of the Mother Goddess, one can attain all her Aishwarya (wealth, status, beauty, name and fame) in a short time.

In this verse it is clearly established by Shankara that the worship of Shakti will help every level of aspirant or enliven the mind with the nectar of awareness. If one seeks luxury, comfort and the pleasures of life, she provides all of these. If one is in dire distress, she comes to one’s rescue. If one wants to be free of the troubles of samsara, she raises one out of the maya in which one is buried.

It is a very empowering verse. If you can memorise it and repeat it 11 times daily, you will be spiritually elevated. The Goddess knows what each of us requires and she blesses us with it. We have a phrase in Hindi, which is Chappar phar kar, it means the abundance is such that our roof collapses.

Source: Sri Saundarya Lahiri, The Descent, Swami Satyasangananda Saraswati.

Aim Hrim Klim


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