603 – Ganesha Meditation

Visualization in this meditation step by step.

Become aware of your mooladhara chakra. Concentrate upon it. It is at the tip of the cervix for females and between the anus and the scrotum for males. Gaze at the nose tip and practice nose tip gazing (Nasikgrah Drishti), which stimulates the mooladhara chakra. The mooladhara chakra restores your stability and balance. It grounds you. Stay with the sadhana for five minutes.

Now visualize Ganesha sitting on the mooladhara chakra. He is content and you also feel his wellbeing entering you. See him very clearly with your eyes closed. Meditate upon his form, his eyes, his trunk, his two tusks, and his belly in which the universe rests. Hold his form steady in your mind. This is the key to steadying your mind and focusing your prana on him. You are seeking his grace.

Grace is bestowed on you when you are consistent in your worship. You are disciplined in your sadhana and display devotion. When you are blessed with his grace, your soul is uplifted and you view the universe with love in your heart.

The mantra you chant is Aum Gam Ganapataye Namah.

Aim Hrim Klim

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