650 – Water, water everywhere

And not a drop to drink.

Water, water everywhere,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water everywhere
Nor any drop to drink. – Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

It is so true; we have wide spread flooding in India and there is not a drop to drink in those places. One would think that we would think that this should not be the case. But it is the truth and there are waterborne illnesses.

Varuna is the Hindu god, associated with the sky, oceans and water. In the Vedic scriptures he is also the lord of truth and justice. Water is recognized as the essence of spiritual sacrifice and the first door to attain the divine order (Atharva Veda).  is used even today in religious ceremonies and is referred to as a spiritual sacrifice, a process of attaining eternity.

Water is a symbol of life

It represents divine generosity. It’s a personification of healing and suffering, protection and vulnerability, change and constancy, stillness and rage. Water in all its glory and is considered a purifier of the soul. Water absorbs our prayers, cleanses unwanted energy and is the best medicine. It is an element and is very much a part of our system. Without water we would not be here.

In Buddhism water is observed as a life giver, and symbolizes clarity and calmness. It does not hurt others to share water as it is plentiful.

What has happened today? Our water has become toxic in many places. We have to drink water which has been purified and sometimes have to spend a great deal of many on mineral water. In forests in Africa, there are water famines. Who is responsible for it? We have ceased to respect the elements and this is the outcome. We have wars over water.

What can we do? Restore rivers to their pristine purity, consume only natural products. No dyeing of leather and clothes with chemicals. The list goes on. The sadness in my heart stays when I read about whales being beached, sealions chasing tourists on the beach.

Respect our environment. Do not encroach on water bodies. Prayers move mountains and we can change our habits to make the universe livable once again for all humanity.

Aim Hrim Klim


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