760 – Cradled in the arms of the Mother

Prostrations to you, O Narayani! O Narayani! You who bestow auspiciousness on all things auspicious. You bestow fulfilment in all fields of pursuits of all beings, and the following of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. You are merciful to those who take refuge in You, O three-eyed Goddess.

It is a wonderful emotion to visualize the Goddess as the Mother of the universe. It again emphasizes how powerful our love is for her and how she reciprocates it. All our negativity disappears when we pray to Narayani. With our birth mother, we feel safe and with the presence of the Divines Mother, we are protected.

In this translation of the verse, the Goddess is invoked as the one, who is behind all actions and deeds. Our two eyes give us sight and our third eye help us to understand the invisible world of thoughts, emotions and ideas.

The divine mother blesses the head and hearts of all children.

Just visualizing the mother goddess, removes all fears. Her presence is always accompanying one. As children, one would just say her name mentally.

When we examine the prayer, it is about the all-encompassing love of the supreme mother and for many of us it takes us through a life of loving, serving and giving. It is like a security blanket.

Dear ones, I am sharing with you how to comprehend the Hindu faith. What we are taught is to be fearless. I remember as a child; we would have snake charmers coming to the house and none of us was afraid. It was because of having an image of Shiva in our hearts.

Aim Hrim Klim


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