Instruction on the 7 Stages or Bhumikas

SwamiS_1Swami Sivananda instructs us on the 7 stages of Jnana, also known as the 7 Bhumikas. He recommends we keep the Brahmakara vritti, the thought of Brahman, at all times – while walking, talking, eating… Meditate ceaselessly. Then you will ascend the 7 stages known as Subecha, Vicharana, Tanumanasi, Sattvapatti, Asamshakti, Padartha Bhavana, Turiya. He goes into some detail to explain these different stages. An excellent lecture.

Historical recording of Swami Sivananda, 1887-1963, one of the greatest yoga masters of modern India. To find out more about Swami Sivananda:, . Copyright the Divine Life Society .


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